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New to Homeschooling or Just New to the Kalamazoo Area?


Southwest Michigan

Michigan is a fabulous place to homeschool!  If you are considering a move to Kalamazoo or if you have just arrived, you will be blessed by the homeschool-friendly atmosphere of our community.

The first thing you will want to do when you arrive in southwest Michigan is to join Kalamazoo Area Home School Association, Inc.  This will put you in touch with other homeschoolers and activities through a monthly newsletter, "The KAHSA Connection", and will keep you up to date in real time through the website, which is updated daily for those with membership access. 
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Homeschool Performing Arts

Homeschool Performing Arts (HPA) is a wonderful asset to our homeschool community.  This nationally-acclaimed theatre group is under the direction of Brad Garnaat.  He teaches drama and choir at Kalamazoo Area Tutors (see below).  He also directs two major productions here in Kalamazoo. The entire production, including acting, orchestra, costumes, advertising, set, and everything else, is done by homeschoolers and their families.  The quality of the productions is awe inspiring.  You can find more information about HPA at



Support Groups

Homeschool Support Groups are located in different areas of Kalamazoo and are open to all.  They offer activities, field trips, moms' meetings, encouragement, friendships and much more.  Check them out on the KAHSA Support Groups webpage.

 Kalamazoo Area Homeschool Sports


Homeschool Sports

We are often asked, "What about Sports?" Kalamazoo has homeschool sports. Our teams are known as the Kalamazoo Cougars.  Kalamazoo Home School Sports offer basketball, volleyball, softball, soccer and cross-country track. They also have a track and field day in the spring which is open to all homeschoolers.  






Kalamazoo Area Tutoring Association, Inc. (KAT)

A great parents' co-op, Kalamazoo Area Tutoring Association (KAT) uses tutors to teach the students in a classroom setting. Class sizes are quite small, giving the tutors many opportunities to meet the needs of your student. The schedule of classes can be found on their website, fees are set by the individual tutors.

The Learning Center (TLC)

TLC endeavors to provide Kalamazoo homeschool families with access to affordable, high quality opportunites that are strategically designed to provide academic, spiritual, social and financial encouragement.

These opportunities will take place in a community that embraces Christian principles including a deep reverence for God's Word, love, mercy and service.



Portage Public Library

The Portage Library ( is very homeschool friendly.  The children's librarians are very helpful to parents and kids alike. The librarians do tours for our parents and are willing to do research seminars for our teens.  They are also willing to purchase books that we request (as long as they are not consumables).


Kalamazoo Public Library

The Kalamazoo Public Library ( has a huge selection of materials with several branches in town.




Guide to Homeschooling in Southwest Michigan

Linda Goldman, a KAHSA member, has taken the time to write a book that is highly recommended for all new homeschoolers or those who are new to the Kalamazoo Area. "Guide to Homeschooling in Southwest Michigan" is just that:  a detailed description of all the resources available to those homeschooling in southwest Michigan. Linda generously allows you to download a copy of her guide. Click here to download your copy. 


Homeschool Building

Grand Rapids also has an incredible resource in The Homeschool Building which Kalamazoo area homeschoolers are welcome to use. There is a great bookstore, as well as a resource library which has a wonderful selection of curriculum and family resources.  You can find more information about it at


We hope this has been helpful.  This is just a sample of all that Kalamazoo has to offer homeschoolers.  Explore our website and come back often, because we are constantly updating it. 
We welcome you to the homeschool-friendly community of Kalamazoo.
Kalamazoo Area Home School Association, Inc.


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